Only Natural’s Melatonin supplement is designed to regulate the body’s natural rhythm. Our melatonin supplement is...  More info

Only Natural’s Melatonin supplement is designed to regulate the body’s natural rhythm. Our melatonin supplement is naturally made and is combined with vitamin B-6 for easy bodily absorption, and is designed to help regulate sleep disorders, energy, mood regulation, and overall immune health.

Melatonin pills may regulate circadian rhythm by chemically lowering body temperature and inducing drowsiness. Only Natural’s Melatonin may provide support for sleep disorders, energy, and mood stabilization.

Only Natural melatonin supplements may also improve immune systems. Melatonin supplements may complement natural melatonin, which is secreted from the pineal gland.  Melatonin supplements may enforce natural melatonin, which may act as an antioxidant and permeate any cell in the body, as opposed to common antioxidants that focus on specific areas of the body.

Melatonin tablets may act as an efficient free radical scavenger and singlet oxygen quencher. Free radicals and sinlet oxygen quenchers are oxygen molecules whose excessive discharge of energy may cause damage to other molecules. Melatonin pills may also release one of the few antioxidants that can penetrate the mitochondria of the cell and may protect it from free radical damage.

Only Natural’s melatonin supplements include vitamin B-6. This may improve both physical and mental health and may be beneficial for water retention. The vitamin in melatonin supplements is necessary for hydrochloric acid, absorption of fats, and the production of protein. In addition, it may maintain balance of sodium and potassium, promote red-blood cell formation and work as a mild diarrheic. It is also required for the nervous system and needed for normal brain function.

If that weren’t enough, vitamin B-6 may promote regeneration of nerves and reproduction of cells, cellular growth, and activation of enzymes, and may aid in the absorption of B-12. Only Natural’s Melatonin may promote sleep and overall health. Sleep well and meet the morning with a smile. Order now.

Note: Pregnant or lactating women, anyone under the age of 18, or persons taking medication should consult a healthcare practitioner before using Melatonin. Item #940, 60 tabs.

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